Kinase-Drug Interaction

This query identifies the known and predicted sensitivities of protein kinases to more than 650 compounds that have been experimentally confirmed to inhibit protein kinases. For the experimental data, the lowest IC50, Ki or Kd values reported for the kinase-inhibitor pair in the scientific literature was used. The stronger the kinase inhibition as determined experimentally or calculated with our Kinase Drug Predictor Version 1.0 Algorithm, the closer the kinase and compound icons can appear on the map. Apply the following filters to narrow down the most relevant interactions to your individual specifications.

Step 1 -
Kinase or Inhibitor Target Identification

Type in the first few characters of the search term to generate a pull down menu for identification of the target. Select either a protein kinase or a kinase inhibitor as the target. Provide the kinase gene name, protein name, UniProt ID, RefSeq or IPI ID as a search term for a kinase target. Provide the compound name, CAS ID, ChEMBL ID or PubChem ID as a search term for an inhibitor target.

Step 2 -
Selection of Display Parameters

Boxes that are checked are activated to display. Click on boxes to change status.

Kinase Target

Use the generated pull-down menu below to specify a kinase inhibitory compound as the target.

Inhibitor Target

Step 3 -
Generation of Kinase-Inhibitor Map

Click on boxes below to produce a custom map or reset parameters. The map will appear in a new window.