Protein-Protein Interaction

This query identifies the top protein interactions with a selected protein of interest as determined experimentally. The target protein appears in the center of the generated interaction map that is cell, tissue or organ-specific. Apply the following filters to narrow down the most relevant interactions to your individual specifications.

Step 1 -
Target Protein Identification

Provide the gene name, protein name, UniProt ID or IPI ID as a search term.

Step 3 -
Selection of Display Parameters

Boxes that are marked are activated to display Click on boxes to change status.

Step 2 -
Human Cell/Tissue Specification

Use one of the two pull-down menus to specify the cell, tissue or organ type of interest.

Step 4 -
Generation of Protein Phosphorylation Map

Click on boxes below to produce a custom map or reset parameters. The map will appear in a new window.